Custom home security

Keep your family safe and secure

Whether you need a surveillance system, intruder alarm, motion sensitive lighting, or a safe room for your house, Fiori Contracting can provide home security for your family.

Surveillance systems

Wired or wireless, we can set your home up with a complete surveillance system so you can keep in touch with every part of your home from your monitor center – never be surprised again!

Motion sensitive lighting

One of the simplest, most economical ways to increse your home’s security is with strategically placed motion sensitive lighting. We can evaluate your home’s accesses and set up the perfect coverage pattern for your home

Solid steel doors

Ordinary doors don’t pose much of an obstacle for a determined intruder. We can help secure your home with solid core steel doors and jambs for greatly increased security.

Safe rooms

A properly secured safe room provides the utmost in personal security for your family in case of a break-in or home invasion. Bullet, fire and sledge hammer secure safe rooms give your family a safe place to retreat to in case of emergency, while alerting the police to your predicament.

Complete solutions

Let Fiori Contracting assess your home’s potential accesses and weaknesses and come up with a comprehensive home security plan that will keep your family safe from burglary, fire, hurricanes, and intruders.

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